Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day

Today was an important day for us, as well as for many other children (and parents) across the country... the first day of kindergarten for our first-born.  We have a school-age child! 


We started off last night with this bedtime story, provided by none other than the best auntie in the world (love you sis!):

It's a cute story that follows the same cadence as the Night Before Christmas, and it tells of how much easier kindergarten is on the kiddos than it is on the parents.


So true.

Big Sis did great (minus the whole waking up early thing).  She picked out her outfit (note to self: next Christmas, put the skirt away when it's over), put on her backpack, and went right on in the classroom and sat down in her chair, without a care in the world.

Lil Sis wanted in on the excitement too... and the girls were obliging with the photos once they saw the little boys down the street being subjected to the same torture!  As for me, I did okay.  I've known for a while that K was ready for school and getting bored with her day-to-day routine at pre-school.  I think it also helps that the girls have been in daycare/preschool from early on, so being around a new teacher and other children is not a new concept.  For those parents that weren't handling it so well, the school set up a little coffee and kleenex station - too cute!

And so begins the next phase of our baby's development.  Oh, the places she'll go.

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