Sunday, August 15, 2010

Birthdays and Resolutions - and a Giveaway!!

So, Friday was my birthday.  I am now 33.


I don't know if it's just me because my birthday falls in the middle of the year, but I tend to look back at those resolutions I made for the New Year and usually... end up starting over.  You know, fresh clean slate and all.  I mean, technically, January 1st is the beginning of the calendar year, but your birthday is the beginning of your next year of age, so it seems fitting to resolve a few things.

So, here goes.  My 33rd year resolutions:
  • I will exercise more (cause my  ass heart really needs it)
  • I will eat less fast food
  • I will eat more dessert (since I'll be exercising more)
  • I will kiss my husband more
  • I will play with my children as much as possible
  • I will snuggle my children while they still allow me
  • I will bake and sew and knit and be creative
  • I will spend more time with the Lord
  • I will spend more time with those I love
  • I will sing in the shower - loudly
  • I will dance like no one is watching
  • I will not cry when my daughter tells me my butt is big
Okay, I'll probably break that last one there... but it's a pretty good start, right?!  We'll see how far I've come when January rolls around again.


I'm letting you in on the birthday fun and will be giving away an item of your choice from my etsy shop!!

Here's how to enter:
2.  Leave me a comment to earn an extra entry!

Contest ends on Friday, August 20th, so hurry and enter today!  I'll announce the winner on Saturday!  Good luck!!

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  1. Tara mentioned your blog on fb, so I thought I'd drop by. What a cute little place you have here, Rhonda! I like your resolutions ~ good goals to strive for! I LOVE Etsy! You make really cute stuff!! Happy belated birthday!! :D


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