Thursday, October 30, 2014

Sugar Skull Wreath

I have an obsession with Sugar Skulls... they are such a beautiful representation of the Day of the Dead, a time when deceased loved ones are remembered in Mexican/Aztec tradition.  I think I also have a fondness for Dia de los Muertos because my mother passed away on November 1st, which is when the cultural holiday begins.  I decided to forgo the traditional Halloween wreath this year to pay homage to the Day of the Dead and made a Sugar Skull Wreath.

The idea for this started when I found a paper mache skull mask at Joann's.  I painted it white and then, using a picture I found online as a guide, I hand-drew and painted the skull art.

I wanted a big, fluffy black wreath on which to showcase the skull, so I made my first mesh wreath which was much more difficult than I anticipated.  There is truly an art to working with the mesh and getting the loops just right.

The colorful burlap roses from Hobby Lobby were a perfect addition.  I love how they pull in all the colors of the mask against the black mesh.  I used some leftover orange pom pom trim from my No-Sew Halloween runner as a hanger.

Throw in my turquoise door, a few pumpkins, and some dying mums (geez, will I ever not kill a plant?!) and we're ready to welcome you for fall... 

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