Thursday, December 12, 2013

{Tutorial} Book Page Star Tree Topper

Hey hey friends!  I’m back today to show you how to make the Book Page Star Tree Topper that I showed you earlier this week on my Neutral Christmas Tree:

Book Page Star Tree Topper

This is a simple project that is easy to make with items you have on hand, and yet it makes such an impact.  I continue to be enamored with projects made from time-yellowed pages, no matter how many of them I see.  Book page wreaths, book page walls, book page garlands… love.

To make this tree topper, you’ll need:


  • Book pages (preferable vintage)
  • Hot glue
  • Lace ribbon trim
  • Burlap scrap
  • Cardboard circle (I used the end of a ribbon spool)


1.  Start out by tearing your book pages.  You’ll need five full-size pages and ten half pages (tear in half).  My book is a vintage nursing book so I had fun reading about care of the patient in the 1930s while I made this.


2.  With the full size pages, form your paper cones by folding corner from the shorter edge towards the center of the page, wrap opposite corner over and hot glue in place.

089  090 

3.  Next, you’ll make your smaller cones with your half-pages in the same mani manner (Lordy I need my nails done.).


Here’s a comparison of the two sizes of paper cones, just for reference.


4.  Now it’s time to make your star.  Using hot glue, secure your large book page cones to your cardboard circle in a star formation.  Crimp the ends of your cone prior to gluing to make a flatter center.



5.  Using your smaller cones, you’ll fill in the gaps between the star points to create a starburst effect.  I used two cones between the top/bottom points and three between the sides.



When you’re finished, your star will look like this:


6.  Now we’ll just do some finishing.  Cut a circle from your burlap scrap and hot glue to cover the back of your cardboard.


7.  Using your lace ribbon trim, hot glue around the circle in the center to cover the ends of your book page cones.  I pleated mine as I went and secured with hot glue.



8.  You’re almost done… the final step is to make a loop from the ribbon trim.  this is to slide over the branch on your treetop to keep your topper in place.  I glued mine higher towards the top of the star to help it sit straighter.


9.  You’re finished!  Place your topper on your tree and enjoy!


Neutral Christmas Tree

Have a great weekend everyone… make it home.made.!


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  1. Gorgeous! I love, love, love your topper. Thanks for showing us how you put it together. I just so happen to have a tree that could use one. thanks!


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