Friday, January 11, 2013

The Chevron Trend... Still Strong!

I have been seeing quite a few design experts projecting that the chevron trend will soon be coming to an end, that's it's overused, tired even.  I, for one, disagree.  I am more enamored now with chevron than ever - here are some inspiring chevron pieces that tell me that chevron is very much alive and well!

I die over these floors!

See what I mean?  How can a pattern that looks so fantastic in every medium be on the way out?!

Here are some of the ways I've used chevron this past year:

And here's a little bit of chevron that I'm working right now:

I love it already, and so does my little chick!  It's the first of a few updates I'm making to her room, which I'll hopefully show you soon.  I feel like every room in my home is in some state of redecorating - I need to start finishing them!

Hope you have a happy, fun, zig-zaggy Friday!

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