Monday, January 21, 2013

Are You a No Reply Commenter?

Hi sweets~
Today’s post is dedicated to all of you lovely people who are so kind to leave comments, ask questions, etc.  I am so thankful that you take the time to visit my little corner of the blog world and I want to be able to thank each of you and answer your questions.  If you are a “No Reply” Commenter, I’m unable to do so…

  • Edit this addressRemove this address

See that?  This is the email address connected to your comments and your Blogger profile if you're designated as a “No Reply” commenter…  So, how do you know if you’re affected by this?  Go to your blogger profile and click Edit Profile, then check your email address associated with your blog and make sure it’s correct.


Changing this does not change the e-mail address you use to sign-in.
Required: The name used to sign your blog posts.

Then, under privacy, make sure you check ”Show my email address”.


Currently set to
Show my blogs Select blogs to display This list of blogs will only be displayed on your user profile.
If checked, sites you've followed in either Blogger or Google Friend Connect will appear in your profile. Help

Click SAVE, and that’s it!  I can finally respond to each and every one of you lovies!
Go… now.  Can’t wait to chat with ya!

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