Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Spooky Skeleton Garland

I shared my Spooky Skeleton Wreath with you and now it’s time to show you what I did with the rest of the bones… a Spooky Skeleton Garland!
spooky bone garland 1
My “bag of bones” didn’t necessarily equal a complete skeleton, so I sorted out the random bits of spine, femurs, and feet and turned it into a gory garnish for my halloween mantel.  These bone pieces are made from a thin plastic, so it was easy to poke holes in the ends with a felt needle and string them together with a black satin ribbon.  (I will confess that this idea came from my husband after my attempts at hot-gluing failed miserably!(
garland closeup
Nothing like a pair of metatarsals flanking your fireplace, right?
bone garland 2
My girls totally dig it – and it’s growing on me for sure.  I think, though, this garland may not escape a little glittering before the holiday is over… I do love me some glitter.

Are you guys getting excited for Halloween??  We’ll be doing pumpkins this weekend!


  1. such a clever idea! love it!

    new follow!~

    <3 Bethany @ thesepiapuppy.blogspot.com

  2. Oh how fun!!! It is even more fun when the hubs has a great idea!!! Glitter = YES!

  3. Now that's a great looking Halloween wreath! I love the way you have the hands coming out and reaching forward!


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