Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

I feel so incredibly fortunate that I married a man who is such an amazing father.

Every day, he continues to be enchanted by these two little people who are our family.  He plays with them, reads to them, tickles them... he takes them to the park and to the museum and to the zoo... he takes them for ice cream at Dairy Queen because he knows it's their favorite... he cares for them, fixes their hair, plays dress up with them, dances with them...

He has no problem being wrapped around their little fingers. *ahem*

I appreciate my husband so much as a father because he is so involved.  He knows that we both signed on for this parenting thing and he never ceases to live up to that responsibility.  He experiences life to the fullest with our girls every day.
He doesn't want a miss a thing. 

Happy Father's Day, my gorgeous man.  Thank you for all of the love you give to your household of girls.

We are so very blessed.

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