Saturday, June 12, 2010

We interrupt this dressmaking edition to bring you...

New kitchen towels!!

I was doing some late-night sewing the other night and figured I wasn't quite alert enough to tackle the sleeves... so I whipped up some cutesy flour sack towels!  I bought these towels a while back for this very reason but they were set aside for more important sewing tasks at hand.  Lucky for me, I found them again and now have these to show for it!  Yay - happy kitchen and happy hands!

I dug out these Amy Butler remnants from my scrap pile and went to work.

And I discovered just how great that little ball-point sewing needle works while I was adding the jumbo rickrack.  My regular sewing needle broke with my first attempt!

I don't know that there's much better than a towel with a ruffle!

And I'm loving the flour sack towels - they bring back memories of being at my grandmother's house on holidays, as I was always given dish-drying duty and it was always with these gigantic flour sack towels.  I guess for some great things there are just no substitutes.

And now... I must get back to the dress!

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  1. Quit being afraid of the sleeves and get to it girl.


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