Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Living Room Update: New Side Table

Hey, hey, hey friends!  I’m slowly coming out of my funk and getting my decorating mojo back but man… is it tough!  Luckily the kids are out of school for the summer so that schedule has calmed down, leaving evenings free to get some shizzle done over here.  Today I’m sharing the latest addition to my living room, a fun wood and brass side table from Target Threshold.

I had another Target side table in this very spot that did not survive a collision with my daughter… the wood composite top snapped like a twig when it fell over and there was no salvaging the top.  I’d hemmed and hawed over this little number for over a month after seeing it at my local Target store.  I just couldn’t make a decision.  I’d put it in my basket… I’d take it out.

A funk will do that to ya.  Seriously, has this ever happened to you?  I couldn’t make a d├ęcor decision to save my life.

All of that ended this weekend when, on a quick run to Target to pick up a gift I saw this table yet again and just knew it would be perfect.  Just like that.  And I’m so glad that it came home with me.

It fits perfectly next to my hubby’s recliner, it’s seriously cute, and *fingers crossed* it won’t fall over if one of my chicks happens to run into it.  Target Threshold wins again.

I’ve got an ambitious list of things to tackle this weekend, so let’s hope I can stay on a roll.  It’s getting hot already in Texas so I need to get started now before my garage becomes a virtual oven.  Anyone up for a painting party?

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