Tuesday, May 13, 2014

{What I Wore} Coral Stripes and Turquoise

Happy Tuesday y’all… I’m totally going out of my comfort zone today and doing a fashion post of what I wore for Mother’s Day.  This is not my typical post – usually I’m dressing up something around my house and I’m comfortably behind the camera so throw me a bone, mmmkay?  Here we go.

I bought this dress from Forever 21 last year sometime… and it hung in my closet ever since cause I just couldn’t get over the length (or lack thereof).  I threw proper hemline length out the window on Sunday cause I felt like wearing a fun colorful dress on Mom’s Day and by golly, this was the one.  The wide coral stripes were the perfect pop of color!

I paired the dress with a turquoise and wood necklace set that I bought at a $5 jewelry sale (heck yeah) and then threw on my fave brown Franco Sarto sandals from Ross.  All I’m missing is a little bit of color on my pasty tree trunks.  Lordy, get me some self-tanner, would ya?

I love this pic and how the top of my head is cropped out.  My adorable seven year old was my photographer this Sunday;  I asked her to zoom in on the necklace and stripes and this is the end result.  She was so excited to get to take pictures… even though I ended the photo session early when my neighbor came outside.  Baby steps on the being in front of a camera thing (especially when the neighbors are watching)…

I hope you had a fashionable, fabulous Mother’s Day!


  1. Love the dress and it looks great with the necklace! Your daughter did a great job taking the photos!

  2. I'm old enough to be your Mother and I think you look adorable! Your daughter did a super job!


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