Thursday, April 10, 2014

Golden Mirror Makeover

Hey, hey, hey friends!  Happy Friday to you… I’m taking a break from Friday Faves today to share a fun golden mirror makeover that I recently completed for my baby girl’s bedroom.
White Dresser and Golden Mirror Makeover

This mirror has been sitting in my garage for longer than I care to admit, but just so my readers are well informed… it was a companion to my French Linen Dresser and Duck Egg Chevron Side Table.  It started out like this:


It was brown and drab and covered with dust and cobwebs – ick.  After a good cleaning, I rubbed on a golden finish with AMACO Rub 'n Buff Wax Metallic Finish, Antique Gold, 0.5-Fluid Ounce using my forefinger.  That’s it.  Seriously.  I buffed it in well as I applied to save the extra step of a separate buffing.
This mirror had a bracket to mount to a dresser, so I removed it and added some U-brackets and picture hanging wire (with Mr. home.made.’s help) so it could be freely hung on the wall.  This bad boy is heavy, so I hung it with a 50 pound capacity picture hanger.

Golden Mirror Makeover home.made.

It looks gorgeous in my daughter’s room, especially over her newly made over dresser (I’ll talk more about that next week!).  She has a lot of color going on in her room despite the white walls so the gold provided a perfect neutral accessory to all of it.

Golden Mirror Makeover

The end result is just what I was going for and I love that it didn’t cost me anything since the mirror was part of the dresser package deal (for $75) and I had the Rub n Buff on hand.  Best of all, there’s a little girl who’s quite happy with her new wall accessory.


That smile makes all my crazy ideas worthwhile.

Have you ever made over something with Rub n Buff?  I’d love to hear about it!

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  1. I freaking love rub n buff. This mirror looks amazing!

    1. Thanks Kahli! Is is a little miracle worker, isn't it?

  2. LOVE!!!
    I've just started adding a little gold here and there - AND I have a couple of mirrors just like that :)
    Beautiful job Rhonda - for a beautiful girl :)
    Hopping over from Be Different - Act Normal
    Happy Sunday !


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