Sunday, July 8, 2012

Back in the Saddle Again…

After being under the weather for the past three weeks with bronchitis, I’m finally feeling close to normal.  I was completely amazed at the exhaustion that came with coughing night and day… and although I’m not 100% recuperated yet, I’m much better since finally realizing my illness wasn’t improving and that I needed antibiotics.

Better living through pharmaceuticals, right?

With my newfound energy, I decided to start tackling a few projects today.  Yes, a few.  Tell me I’m not the only one who works better with a few irons in the fire!

First off, I’m working on my daughter’s desk for her Safari Room Redo (this is a slow-going project due to that wonderful thing called a budget).  My sister found this desk on a Facebook buy/sell/trade page for thirty bucks:


It’s in pretty rough shape, but the lines are great and the size is perfect.  It’s a combo of laminate and wood, so painting has been interesting.  I decided not to use chalk paint this time but rather a semi-gloss latex paint, and let me just say, I really miss the chalk paint.  I had to sand this baby, do two coats of primer, and as of this afternoon, have added three coats of paint.  Oy.

My daughter requested a green desk (“like grass, mom"), and since I’ve vetoed a few of her other decorating ideas (“ooohh, we could hang vines from the ceiling!”), I granted her request.

It’s green, ya’ll.


See what I mean?  Wow.

I do plan on adding a glaze to tone it down a bit, but the green is actually growing on me.  (And it was totally worth it to not have to hang vines from the ceiling in her room.)

While yet another coat of paint dries on the desk, I’ve also been working on another project:


I’ve been hired to refurbish some old camping stools for a friend’s beach cabin – I’m excited about what I have planned for these and will show you the end result soon…

Lastly, I’m making a couple of my growth charts for some local moms, trying to earn a little cash to put toward my sleeper sofa fund (and support my DIY habit)…  I’ll be working on a couple chalk paint variations, so I’ll be sure to share all of the details.


So that’s it… lots goin’ on around here!

It’s so good to be back.






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  1. So glad to hear you're feeling better! That is a BRIGHT green. Looking forward to seeing her room and all of your projects!!


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