Sunday, March 25, 2012

Mama’s Little Helpers: Super Sliders

Every now and then, I like sharing some of my favorite tools, gadgets, etc. with you.  I figure if I like them and use them so much, surely someone else out there might need to know about them!

I introduce to you… Super Sliders.

Super Sliders Oval Sliders

My husband and I received these as a gift from our realtor when we sold our first home, and I love them!  They make it possible to move even the heaviest of furniture by yourself.  That’s right – no man power required (literally), which is a plus considering my hubby is gone at work every other weekend and usually when I decide I want to move furniture…  I also use these to slide furniture pieces we sell to the buyer’s vehicle – it makes things so much easier and better for your back.

My other go-to are these: the Super Sliders combo for Hardwoods and Carpet.


Super Sliders, 3-1/2"

Since I use my large oval sliders outdoors on concrete, the plastic bottom has become quite scratched and would do quite a number on my wood floors.  I bought these for indoor only use.  The sheepskin cover wrap around the slider when you want to slide on hardwoods.  When you reach a carpeted area, simply slide the cover off.  Crazy cool invention.  Case in point: I used these to slide my Chevron Dresser  from my office (hardwood) to my bedroom (carpet) then to my bathroom (tile) and then to my closet (carpet).  By myself.  At eleven o’clock at night.  Yeah baby!

I can’t even imagine how long some of my projects would take me if I’d had to wait for my man to get home to help me move things, so I am ever thankful that my realtor tucked these in our home-sale gift bag so many years ago.  Six years, four moves, and many projects later, they’ve served us well.

*** I was in no way compensated for this post.  These are my honest opinions about a product that I love and use. ***

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