Monday, January 16, 2012

99 followers... will you make it 100?

***Update:  Woohoo!  We made it to 106 today!!  Thanks so much and welcome to my new followers - winner of custom clay tags to be announced tonight!

I can't believe we've almost made it to 100 home.made. followers!!

If you remember a while back, I posted about a 100 followers giveaway... and I'm ready to make some custom clay tags for someone soon!  We've only got one more person to go and then all of my fabulous followers are entered into a drawing for six custom, handmade clay tags.

Here are a few I recently added to the shop...

Your custom tags can be round, heart, rectangular, star... you name it.  We can finish it off with a special stamp or word or name... whatever you want.  It's my small way of saying a big THANK YOU to everyone who visits my litttle creative corner.

So, who will be the 100th follower to get this party started?!

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