Sunday, December 11, 2011

{Sunday Spotlight} Christmas Cookies!

Today, we will be hosting our first annual Christmas Cookie Decorating Party for my daughters and some of their friends.  The cookies are made, the frosting is ready, the tablescapes are set, and the excitement is in the air.  While we await the sticky mess that is sure to come, here are some creative Christmas Cookie ideas just for you!

What's not to love about red~aqua~green color combos?

The pastel snowflakes are too pretty to eat!

This takes the classic gingerbread up a notch!

Source: via Emily on Pinterest

These would be so gorgeous on a cookie tree, don't you think?

Or perhaps a cookie tree puzzle?  Love.

And just for some reality... this is probably what we'll have going on around here later...

Source: via Shar on Pinterest

Hope you're having a wonderful Sunday!
14 days til Christmas!

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  1. Oh man, those cookies look gorgeous! I wouldn't have the time to make anything that artistic but then again, as lovely as those look, the real fun would be making them with family and who cares how they look at that point? Icing would be everywhere, decorations on every surface, and every cookie would be a memory of time spent with loved ones. I hope your time making cookies with your children is far more wonderful than any box of professionally decorated treats. :)


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