Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rain, Rain... Don't Go Away!

We are finally getting some rain here in Texas and trust me, I am not complaining.  The conditions have been so dry around here that we're already on watering restrictions... in May!  Technically, it's not even summer yet, right?!

So while I won't be getting any spraypainting accomplished today in this humid weather, it does offer me the chance to stay inside and work a little more on this:

Yep, the March Bag, finally underway.  I've completed the exterior pocket panels and next up is constructing the actual bag.  Hopefully I can also find some purse handles today so if I finish it tonight, it'll be ready to use!

 But first... a little gymnastics mini-Olympics action with my chickies and then a playdate at the house later with my bestie and her two adorable kiddos.

Hope you're having a wonderful Saturday!

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