Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Christmas Story

I took the girls to see Cowboy Kringle (aka Santa) last weekend... it was a little amusing.  Lil sis was not so fond of the big man in the red suit, no matter how many times we told her how he brings presents on Christmas, nor when he handed her a teeny candy cane, nor when he tried to make her laugh by telling her "I know what happened... some other kiddo told you Santa bites, didn't they?"

Um yeah, jolly old St. Nick.  Soooo not working...

So, we somehow finally convinced her to get close enough to fit in the frame for the picture (the whole reason for the traumatic experience!) and this is the end result:

She's holding on to the candy cane for dear life... and she wasn't getting an inch closer.  But she's smiling - that's what it's all about!

And if you love the girls' shirts, you can find them here.  I was lucky enough to win Kristina's TomKat Studios Vintage Rudolph giveaway, and even luckier when she traded her adorable shirts for some of my felt cookies and a felt cake stand!   Yay for Etsy!

Nine days til Christmas... are you ready?

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