Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Golden Magazine Rack Rescue

Hey, hey, hey friends!  I can’t write that without getting Blurred Lines stuck in my head these days (I know you want it)…

I digress.

I’m here to share a fun little project that I scored this weekend from a FB swap page (FB is becoming quite the little Craigslist, isn’t it?)… my new to me Golden Magazine Rack!

home.made. Golden Magazine Rack Rescue

Yeah, baby.  Nothing like a metallic resting place for your fave magazines, right?

The rack looked like this when I got it: brown and dusty with little gnaw marks from some (hopefully domestic) critter.

photo (36)

After a good cleaning and a bit of sanding, I sprayed on two coats of Rustoleum Pure gold, which gives it a nice golden sheen rather than a shiny, “hey look I’m gold!” vibe.

photo (34)

It was like, 100000% humidity this weekend in Texas so this took foreverrrrrr to dry, which is not good for a DIY blogger who is ready to stage and take photos and share with the masses…

Tell me I’m not the only one like this.

home.made. Gold Magazine Rack Redo

As soon as it was dry to the touch, you better believe I was gathering up my magazine stash and putting them in their new, shiny home.  This rack is now sitting in my office next to my new favorite place to read and drink a little coffee on the weekends.  (There’s a few strategically placed Highlights Magazines for my girls should they decide to join me.)

home.made. Gold Magazine Rack

I love it – and I love that it didn’t cost much nor did it take me very much time.

  • Magazine Rack (thrifted)– $7
  • Rustoleum Spray Paint – $7 x 2 cans (I used just a tad more than one can)
  • TOTAL = $21

Considering some of these higher-priced comparisons, I’d say I got myself a golden deal… (pun intended)

Vintage Gold Faux Bamboo Magazine Rack    Gold Bamboo Magazine Rack Vintage - Mad Men - Retro Mid Century Gold Kitch 1950's 1960's    Magazine Rack in Antique Gold

And I’m pretty sure my mags are enjoying their swanky new home.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to channel my inner Goldmember and paint something else gold…

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  1. love the magazine rack in gold and you know how i feel about sea turtles! so sweet!

  2. I love that it actually could pass for a metal magazine rack!

    It's pretty! and how lucky to have gotten that adorable wooden magazine rack. It was a perfect rehab.


    1. Thanks Corinna! Isn't it amazing what spray paint can do?

  3. What a great find Rhonda! The color makes it! Love your rug, too!!! You have really fun style! XO, Aimee

  4. whoa. totally would have thought it was a metal piece. good save!


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