Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tooth Fairy Pillow

He-ey!  I’m almost fully recovered from my surgery so I have plans to pick up a paint brush again very soon, but in the meantime, I’ve been revisiting my sewing skills by whipping up this tooth fairy pillow:

Tooth Fairy Pillow

Why the need for this little helper?  Well, someone seems to think that she can, I don’t know, turn the big SIX and start losing her teeth!


Yes, that would be TWO missing teeth – with the help of the school nurse, no less.

Tooth Fairy Pillow Two

I used the Tooth Fairy pillow pattern from mmmcrafts as I did for the one I made for my oldest daughter.

I didn’t want this pillow to be exactly like big sister’s, so I made a few modifications.  Rather than a skirt, I added a ricrac and pearl trim belt and I left out the little felt teeth as they interfered a bit with the Tooth Fairy’s, er, retrieval process.

Tooth Fairy Crown

I used the same pearl trim to make a “crown” for this little fairy by turning it upside down, forming a circle and securing it in place.

Tooth Fairy Pillow Back

I left off the wings and put a pocket instead, perfect for the Tooth Fairy’s deposits (she likes to leave gold dollars around here).

Tooth Fairy Door Pillow

And the best part?? The Tooth Fairy can pay a visit without waking up the sleeping child!  We’ve already used this pillow twice and so far it’s working great (not to mention it’s cute as can be just hanging out under that pink boa wreath…)

Have you made a Tooth Fairy pillow for your children?  Tell me about it!

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