Friday, March 15, 2013

Happy Friday - and Goodbye Google Reader?!

Hi loves - I've been a little under the weather this week due to my allergies and sinuses (Vertigo is the pits, let me tell ya.) and I'm starting to feel more myself so thought I'd pop in to say Happy Friday!  As always, there is a neverending list of things to get done in the few days I'm not working, but I'll be starting slowly so I don't wear myself out completely.  I'm planning on popping some tags tomorrow morning, finally getting some Easter decor up around here, and maybe playing with a little bit of paint?  Not too ambitious right?

In other news, did you see that Google Reader is being laid to rest as of July 1, 2013?  Nooooo!  I am a devoted Reader user, so this is not good news for me.  Any suggestions on new feed readers to use (hopefully that can import my list from Google)??  I appreciate your help!

Now go have a great Friday and BE AWESOME!!


  1. I saw the Google Reader message yesterday as well. Google Reader is like my morning newspaper.

    I'm trying out feebly for now. If you find another, please share.

  2. Sorry, that should be feedly not feebly.

  3. Feedly with a d not feebly.


  4. I'm trying out Feedly right now, too. So far, so good. Really like that you photo glimpse of the blog.


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