Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Chicken Coop Coffee Table

I was at my sister’s home this weekend… I love going there because she has really put a special touch on every room in her home, all while remaining true to the time period of the home.  What I love even more is that she had all these great ideas long before blogs and Pinterest and any other social media came along.  Yep, she was pin-worthy before being pin-worthy was cool.

I had to share her coffee table with ya’ll, and please bear with my iPhone pics.  I was a bad blogger and left the real camera at home…

So, long ago my sister found this great old chicken coop, power-washed all the, er, coop poop away, had a metal stand fabricated and a custom piece of glass made to place on top… and this cool conversation piece has been gracing her living area ever since!

chicken coop coffee table_edited-1

She even filled the inside with little chicks and eggs, which have been a source of entertainment for both of my girls.  There’s a certain little chickie (who shall remain nameless) who defeathered one of those little chicks somewhere along the way… not that I know anything about that or anything.


chicken coop table

I find the construction of these things fascinating… just good old wood, wire, and nails.  The patina adds so much character, so much history – so much cooler than my “matching set” coffee table.  Hmmm.  Makes me wonder if this’ll fit in the back of my car…

photo (19) copy

The best part about this piece though is that she took something that was headed for the dumpster and gave it new life by looking at it not for what it was, but for what it could potentially be.  She ended up with a piece of furniture that is fun and functional.

I’m thinking the chicken coop will soon be taking over pallets as the upcycled wood of choice…

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