Monday, July 18, 2011

Jungle Fever

I finally finished repainting Big Sis' vintage bed that I scored from a friend's garage sale... it's all set up in her room and she's loving it.  It's a full-size bed, and she loves that she has to climb into it!  Her previous bed was low to the ground and a twin size, so this bed is a big deal.

She picked out black/white zebra print sheets for her new bed, and I was already getting excited about a pink - black - white - grey color palette for her new grown up room.  Now that I got this spray-painting thing down, I was ready to get crazy with paint!

Enter the decorating dilemma... the girl wants a jungle room.  I'm talking a giant tree on the wall and vines from the ceiling (from which her stuffed animal lemur, monkey, snakes, etc. will hang), along with the blue sky and clouds her daddy promised to paint for her.

Mmm-hmmm.  Oh yes he did.

I'm a little miffed, cause I've already been pretty lenient by allowing a snake-size aquarium in her room to house her russian tortoise and a smaller aquarium for the assortment of frogs and lizards she rescues.


The thing is, she is so excited about the jungle idea, and it really is fitting for her.  She's our own little version of Bindi.  So I need to figure out a way to make this work for all of us... here's a few ideas:

A little inspiration straight from the Sahara...

Source: None via Kelsey on Pinterest

Love the idea of the white netting flowing into the bedding...

This is just cool.  Maybe this could go in my room?!

Wall decor I can live with - the removable kind.

So that's a start... we'll see what transpires over the next month or so.  Any ideas?!

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