Thursday, November 11, 2010

Almost Home...

It's getting so close to time for us to move into the house, and I'm so excited.  My kitchen paint job turned out just as I imagined... the cabinets and tile we added to the laundry room are fab.  I can't wait!  My sister (Happy Birthday Sis!) is being an angel and watching the girls this weekend so I can start relocating boxes. 

Sounds so much better than moving, doesn't it?

I'm hoping to get a lot accomplished this weekend: moving, cleaning, lining cabinets... (it's a sickness, I know).  And I'm also hoping the house will speak to me and tell me where to place my little crafty haven.  You see, I haven't quite figured out where this will be just yet.  Even my dh has questioned this.  (Does he know me or what?)

And then maybe I'll have more to show you on this blog... won't that be nice?!

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