Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Nap Towel for Kindergarten

Okay - I have to admit - I've never heard of a nap towel.  Nap mat?  Sure.  Nap cot?  Certainly.  But a nap towel?  Who lays on a towel to rest unless on a beach?

Anyhoo, when I found a note in my new kindergartener packet to bring a towel for rest time, I knew I wouldn't be sending any old towel with my baby girl.  I had to put a little home.made. spin on it, right?  Right.  Even if it meant sewing until 1130pm Sunday night after moving all weekend, I was making this towel a little more than just a towel.

I started with a soft, squishy towel I picked up at Walmart, freshly washed and smelling fabulous.  I added a name applique at the bottom, using fabric leftovers from the Love Your Lunchbox.

Then I added a little "pillow" area to the opposite end, so there was at least a little something soft to lay her head on.  It's a layer of cotton batting topped with a pink chenille.

Good thing I added that part... seeing as Big Sis said she covers up with her towel like a blanket.

Go figure. 

I still want to add a matching elastic strap to help hold it together in her backpack, but I was not feeling like accomplishing that by the time I finished the towel on Sunday night.  I can tell you I was tempted to stay up all night and sew because of this:

Hello lover.

I had to give you a sneeky peeky at my bday present my dh.  Does he know his woman or what?

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